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California Technology Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunity and hope for youth and their families through the art of imparting knowledge and philanthropy.


The California Technology Foundation envisions the communities within California to be safe and prosperous. CTF will strive to tackle all of the primary concerns of the foundation. These concerns are academic performance, interpersonal relationships, dropout rates, juvenile delinquency and involvement in gangs within youth. The foundation projects favorable outcomes will be evident with proper mentoring and tutoring programs which will be provided to youth who are “At-Risk.”

CTF will attempt to make a significant impact to the lives of students by providing programs to support them to attend post-secondary education. These programs will allow CTF to grant scholarships to students. The foundation projects with its optimistic leadership more students will attend tertiary education which in turn will improve the communities within California.

The foundation will also provide leadership within communities surrounding CTF to help with forthcoming concerns. CTF will achieve this by supporting and involving the foundation in community related activities and organizations.

CTF will be highly recognized and respected for these roles and accomplishments. The foundation will also publish publications and make its programs and their evaluations available for other organizations to duplicate the same definite results. The foundation will also strengthen partnerships with local business and other nonprofit organizations to effectively accomplish its goals.


The purpose of the California Technology Foundation is to help create an educational environment for the youth to thrive. Through education, mentoring and tutoring CTF seeks to improve life of all students, especially those who are most vulnerable.

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