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There are various programs which CTF provides its support to the community. 

In the Computer Recycling Program, we take old computers wipe them clean, install new operating software, refurbish if need to, then the prepared computer is donated to an individual or a non-profit school or organization.

Through the One-on-One Tutoring, youth ranging from elementary through high school can receive one to one tutoring after school. This after school program has proved to be successful and exceedingly efficient in assisting students with their subjects.

The One-on-One Mentoring is a new program which launched in the beginning of 2008. This program focuses on youth who are “At-Risk” of educational failure and involvement in gangs. Also the program is geared for children from 4th to 8th grade in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about One-on-One Tutoring and Mentoring click on the links below.

CTF also offers grants to other businesses and organizations that are in the sphere of philanthropy. To find available grants please visit the Grants section.

Another way of helping the youth is through scholarships. California Technology Foundation receives gratification in providing scholarships to students who wish to begin their post-secondary education. To learn more about the available scholarships and our requirements please visit the Scholarships section.

CTF also enjoys being part of the community. With our leadership expertise and love for the community we are constantly involved in community related issues. CTF also works with other community related organizations to achieve one common goal and that is to embrace and educate the community. To learn more about our current activities within the community please visit the CTF in the Community.

You can learn more about what this foundation does by clicking on the links below.

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