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Weekends are crucial time for youth. These hours are the peak time for juvenile crime such as alcohol and drug use. Studies have supported that after-school & weekend programs offer a healthy and positive alternative.  These programs keep youth safe, improve academic success and help alleviate the stresses on today’s working families. These programs also can be used to serve as important youth violence prevention and intervention strategies.

Most youth do not have access to after-school or weekend programs due to financial reasons. Recent studies support that every day there are at least eight million children who are left alone and unsupervised as soon as the school bell rings. With more children growing up in homes with two or single parent, families can benefit from the safe and structured learning opportunities that are offered by CTF, after school and on the weekend..

Weekend programs such as Paintball Wars is defined as structured activities that convene on the weekends and offer activities to assist children learn new skills, and develop into responsible adults. Through Paintball Wars, children will be introduced to a new hobbies which will help keep them out of illegal activities and help them with employment.

Youth are at greater risk of being victims of crime or participating in anti-social behaviors when they are not in structured and supervised activities such as Paintball Wars' program.

CTF has joined with Paintball Royal Corporation to open Paintball Wars to help support the local communities of Antelope Valley. Through the support of Paintball Wars "At-Risk" students will have something to do on the weekend. Now with the economy the way it is, more parents are working double shifts and even on the weekends and have little time to spend with their children. Through Paintball Wars we are providing a program where children can volunteer and receive training and support for paintball related activities, quality for waived entry on the paintball field and other employment opportunities through the partners of Paintball Royal Corporation. Please help support our community by donating your paintball equipment.

Paintball Wars
Last Update 1/24/09

The Purpose:

Paintball Wars' purpose is to provide early intervention and prevention services through paintball related activities. The program will improve their academic performance and interpersonal relationships between their peers, teachers, and family members. The strategies of this 3 year plan will also reduce dropout rates, juvenile delinquency, and gang involvements.

Project Setting and Target Populations:

The Paintball Wars Program is developed to improve the communities of Antelope Valley such as Palmdale, Lancaster, Acton, Santa Clarita, Lake Los Angeles, Rosemond, Littlerock, Pearblossom, and Canyon Country. Due to poor economy conditions, many parents are forced to maintain to jobs and work on the weekends which causes little time for parents to spend with their children. Also since most small businesses are doing poorly, many teenagers have lost their jobs and have nothing to do but get in trouble.

The Need:

With the Antelope Valley now among the highest with foreclosed properties in the nation, vacancies and economic troubles, the teens are "At-Risk" of joining gangs and criminal activities.

The Strategies:

Paintball Wars will provide free entry to teenagers at risk and who qualify, volunteering and employment opportunities. Paintball Wars will also provide training and other paintball related activities.


To qualify for free entry, the parent or the guardian needs to write a letter with their current economic situation, copy of the last two years personal taxes, student grades, proof of age and proof of enrollment to school. Please send this to our address and attention to Paintball Wars.

How can you help?:

You can help by donating to CTF. A list of of "What to Donate" can be found in the "Donate" section. You can also provide us with your working and non-working Paintball Equipment.

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