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The California Technology Foundation provides grants to organizations and programs that address quality of life issues, with an emphasis on improving education, community development and addressing essential community needs.

How to Apply

Submit a Letter of Intent
Prepare a 1-2 page letter of intent that includes a brief description of the applicant organization, the program to be funded, the amount requested and the estimated total project budget. Include the name and address of person. There are no deadlines for letters of intent. Letters will be considered as they are received; timing of actual response and any scheduling of a full proposal may vary.

Send the Letter of Intent to:

Grant Proposals
California Technology Foundation
7616 Foothill Blvd Suite A
Tujunga, CA 91042

Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent, CTF staff may contact you to discuss the project and in some cases, may schedule a site visit. If the request is outside the current program, geographical, or funding interests of CTF, a letter will be sent informing you.

If you are formally invited by staff to submit a full proposal, you will be asked to use the Common Grant Application of the National Network of Grantmakers. Staff will inform you of the deadline for submitting the full proposal. CTF requires that a volunteer serving on the Board sign the application.

Who qualifies for a grant?
Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations who are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The foundation does not make grants or loans to individuals.

In what areas does CTF fund?
CTF supports programs for youth and community with an emphasis on improving education and addressing essential community needs.

What is considered in reviewing full proposals?
The project must be new, original, collaborative and community based.
The relevance of the proposal to CTF’s areas of interest.
The extent of potential benefit to the community.
The cost effectiveness of the program design.
The management and leadership capacity of the organization to carry out the project.
The degree to which the program includes clearly stated outcomes, strategies for achieving them, methods for measuring them, and plans for using the evaluation to make program improvements.
The extent to which the proposal is collaborative with the people served and other organizations.
The applicant’s plan to secure funding after the grant period.
The availability of CTF’s funds.

Grant Related Information
CTF does not award grants for annual fund drives, scholarships, support of individuals, or provide funds on an emergency basis.
CTF does not consider or acknowledge general solicitation letters.
Basic health sciences research is not funded by CTF.
There are no published deadlines for grant proposals. Deadlines are established based on discussion with CTF staff.

Feel free to contact CTF staff regarding any questions about our grant program and the process.

In addition, there are a number of online resources that can assist you in your search of additional funding. These include:

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