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In short the Computer Recycling Program, we take old computers wipe them clean, install new operating software, refurbish if need to, then the prepared computer is donated to an individual or a non-profit school or organization.

Hundreds of thousands of used computers are take out of server every year which are still perfectly usable and could be passed along to individuals, non-profits, and schools in need.

We are constantly looking for donations of computers due to the high demand in our community. The computer are donated to families with disabilities and to other non-profits or schools.

The Computer Recycling Program was started to help out our community in two ways. One was to clean up the environment and second was to provide needed educational tools to families and children in need.

Since we have full time computer technicians, for this program we accept even computers that are not working. Our experienced computer gurus will make the most out of every single computer donation we get.

GO GREEN, help us make a difference in our world today! Donate Now!

The Purpose:

The Computer Recycling Program’s purpose is to provide working computers to individuals, non-profits and schools who are in need and minimize waste in our environment.

Project Setting and Target Populations:

The Computer Recycling Program is developed to improve the communities within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. However, due to high demand for support in other communities, the Computer Recycling Program accepts, assist and supports donations and computer services for the entire 48 contiguous states. Please email or call us regarding Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

The Need:

The need for computers is all time high. We have also began to see an impact of enviromental issues with all the toxic waste.

The Strategies:

CTF will accept working and non-working computers and cash as donations. With each cash donation, CTF will set a monthly budget (depends on the demand and donation) to purchase parts and accessories to refurbish the computers. After the donated computers are refurbished they will be delivered and assisted with the installation of the computer. A list of donatable computers and parts are availabe here.

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