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Since its inception CTF has worked with numerous organizations such as other nonprofits, community organizations, churches, small business and corporations. Even today we work with multiple organizations and corporations to achieve our goals. Without the support of our partners, we could not have arrived to where we are today. With our knowledge and your help our communities can grow and become better places to live.

CTF is always looking for additional partners to reach a common goal to better our communities. CTF welcomes all nonprofits, community organizations, churches, small business and corporations to come together and work with each other.

There are many ways you or your organization can help CTF.

  • One way is by allowing CTF to assist you or your organization to start an after school program in your local community.
  • Another way is by working with CTF and allowing us to use your property to expand our after school programs.
  • We can advertise our programs to your customers, venders, employees, and other staff for available volunteer positions.
  • You or your organization can also refer students and parents who could greatly benefit from our programs.
  • One of the Best ways you or your organization can help is by Donating.
  • Or you can contact CTF with your ideas on how we can work together.

If you or your organization wishes to work jointly with CTF on a project, please feel free to contact us via mail, email or phone. Please include your name, position within the organization, phone number, resume if available, and other information which will help CTF fully understand your capabilities. Please note that your information will be kept confidential from every member of CTF except individuals with executive positions. Also your information will not be available to other organizations and will be safe guarded.

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