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Whether your mission is to protect wildlife, help disabled people, educate or offer financial services it can be achieved with significant social impact if we work together. That is why CTF networks with other organizations and will continue in the future.

Since its inception CTF has worked with numerous organizations. We have and continue to work with schools, other nonprofits, local and national business to better achieve our goals or set new ones. Through networking CTF has increased the efficiency of its programs. Without the help of other organizations, CTF and its programs would not have been as successful as they are and have been.

CTF is always looking for additional partners to reach a common goal to better our communities. CTF welcomes public & private schools, nonprofit organizations, educators and businesses to come together and work with each other.

To learn how you or your organization can network with CTF please visit the links below which best describes you or your organization.

Public & Private Schools - Ranges from kindergarten through graduate school.

Organizations & Corporations - This section includes nonprofits and for profit businesses.

Educators - Teachers and professors ranging from kindergarten through graduate school.

Volunteers - Individuals who wish to contribute their time and heart.

Funders - Individuals or organizations who wish to donate funds to help current or future programs of CTF.

If you or your organization wishes to work jointly with CTF on a project, please feel free to contact us via mail, email or phone. Please include your name, position within the organization, phone number, resume if available, and other information which will help CTF fully understand your capabilities. Please note that your information will be kept confidential from every member of CTF except individuals with executive positions. Also your information will not be available to other organizations and will be safe guarded.

You can learn more about this foundation by clicking on the links below.

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